Monday, November 14, 2011

Boring Goat Soap

Sarge soaking up the sun!
Sadie aka Roo Baby
 So recently I was watching one of my favorite ladies on Youtube 29Tequila and she had this really interesting video on some products called Boring Goat Soap. The thing that caught my eye was the dog shampoo that is a solid bar, back home we have two dogs and I really hated leaving them but I couldn't take them with me so they stayed in my parents house with my sister Heather. Sarge the boxer is super sensitive to soaps and has really dry itchy skin so after hearing what 29Tequila had to say about the soap and checking out the ingredients I decided to send some back home for Heather to try out on the dogs! I'm super excited to see if it works well on them because it is very affordable at $4.00 a bar. Even tho they are big dogs I think the size should be pretty good to wash both of them a few times. Heather has said she will do a review of the dog soap for me, lets hope she remembers!! I also placed an order for myself I picked up two soaps ($5.00 a bar) and two different lotions ($8.00 a bottle). They have already shipped so they should be here soon!!

A little about the company too they are a family owned farm located in Boring, Oregon. They are a small business that focuses their best on delivery products that are not only as close to natural as possible but affordable too!

Check them out on Facebook Boring Goats LLC

Check out 29Tequila's video with review Here!!!
Check out Boring Goat Soap Here!!

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  1. Let me know what Heather says about the soaps . Maggie is so sensitive too . I she has allergies :(. The price seems really good due to the fact that any "special soap" you buy tends to be an arm and a leg for dogs .


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