Friday, February 3, 2012

Secret Natural Mineral Deoderant in Eucalyptus Blossom

First of all were did the week go and how is it already February? It feels like it should still be January but somehow it's already February 3rd... /end rant.

Onto our review! I was able to snag a sample of the new Secret Natural Mineral deodorant in Eucalyptus Blossom from their freebie Friday Facebook event a few months ago. It arrived and I tried it out about 4 times and then I realized it was making my under arms super ITCHY! The weird thing about this is I usually use Secret products and this didn't actually make my under arms red it just made them super itchy.

There are a few things I don't like about this product number one being the itching. Number two being its strong smell, its really overpowering and it lingers. Number three the name is a little misleading. It says it is a Natural Mineral deodorant and that it is Naturally derived odor protection yet it still contains Aluminum Zirconiom Tetrachlorohydrex Gly. So I think that pretty much null and voids any natural ingredients it may have. The way they have marketed this product is pretty much that it is a "natural" choice without sacrificing any odor/wetness protection yet it still contains the main ingredient that all non natural deodorants contain. It's a bit misleading if you ask me because this really doesn't classify as a natural deodorant based on its main ingredient alone.

As you can tell I'm not a fan of this particular deodorant and I'm glad I tried a free sample instead of buying the actual full size stick. I think if your in the market for a natural deodorant this can be misleading and its not the right choice if your going for the natural approach. You can check out their website for more info on this and I'll be listing the ingredients below as well.

If you are looking for a more natural deodorant approach I hear Tom's of Maine is nice and their products do not contain Aluminum Zirconiom Tetrachlorohydrex Gly.

Which do you prefer Non Natural or Natural Deodorant?

Active Ingredients: Aluminum Zirconiom Tetrachlorohydrex Gly 18% (anhydrous)........Antiperspirant
Inactive Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, stearyl alcohol, C12-15 alkyl benxoate, PPG-14 butyl ether cyclodextrin, petrolatum, phenyl trimethicone, hydrogentated castor oil, calcium carbonate, fragrance, ozokerite, behenyl alcohol.

*This product was a free sample*


  1. Just wanted to tell you that I already posted My memories suite Giveaway! I hope you'll join!^^

    here's the link:

  2. I use Dove deodorants now, anytime I use the Secret kind, I itch and my underarms get really red, and it drives me insane! Haha. Nice review!

    1. I've used Dove before I think I'm going to go back!

  3. I am the same as nik i have moved to the dove line because if my under arms were not red from using secret they became really itchy no matter what i tried until the product was throughly removed it was hellish. which is weird because normally i am ok with there brand so maybe recently they have changed something in it.

    following you sweety if you could follow me back ill appreciate the support.

    1. Yeah it has got to be something they are doing but red and itchy is no fun! I'll check it out for sure :)

  4. Thanks for this reviewing. Now I know now to try it. I like the other secret product but I guess I wills stay away from this one.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. uhm... ew? I cannot believe it was itchy! that's just not natural..
    ♥ laura
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