Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I'd like to thank Nicole from Nicole Webster Canadian Beauty Blog for awarding me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!! Nicole does reviews of makeup products, makeup looks, and some before and after's of her clients. She does awesome work if you don't follow her already head over and check out her blog there's something for everyone there :)

I've shared so many random facts with you lovelies already I'm running out of things to tell you so I'm just going to compile all the past ones into this post! lol

My desk is always a mess
I don't' like coffee
I'm actually really shy
I used to make candles with my mom
My first dog was a mutt that looked like Lassie from the TV show so of course I named her Lassie
I used to work in the office at my school instead of actually going to a real class lol
I don't care for gold colored jewelery
I prefer Silver over Gold
I hate licorice
I had never had sushi until two years ago when I first moved to SF and have been eating it ever since
I hated gym in school and passed with a D+... lol
I love Las Vegas
I hate grapefruit
I hate bugs
I love anything that has to do with Vampires, except the Twilight movies I'm a bigger fan of the books :) and I read them before it was cool to read them.
I can't dance; It's quite pathetic really
When I was kid I loved gymnastics
My desk is always a huge mess no matter how hard I try to keep it clutter free
I'm a big believer in Karma
I love Pit Bulls
I hate needles!
I didn't actually get into high end makeup until 2009ish when one of my co workers started showing me the ropes.
I have a shopping a shopping problem..
I'm a gamer, I've played World of Warcraft for hmm almost six years and just recently moved onto Star Wars the Old Republic.
I have two dogs that I love more than anything, but wasn't able to take to California with me :( They live with my parents and sisters. There names are Sarge and Sadie and they are a boxer and pit bull.
I'm a huge fan of the Underworld movies and can't wait for the newest one to come out on January 20th!
I love watching cooking shows especially cupcake wars and kitchen nightmares, however I'm kind of a lousy cook.
I'm a huge True Blood fan I have all the seasons and all the books!
I have a tattoo on the inside each wrist one says Love and the other says Hate, I got them done when I was 19.
I have always had a major sweet tooth, the more sugar the better!
My boyfriend got me a Lightsaber for Christmas, the darkside one of course :)
I used to work in a store that sold only Nascar items and I still know nothing about racing... lol
I have an extensive collection of stripper shoes/high heels
I can chain chew gum all day
I hate beets!

Thanks again for the award Nicole :)


  1. do you hate red licorice too? or just black? I don't like black licorice but love red licorice! congrats on the award :)

    I am hosting a 150 follower BENEFIT COSMETICS giveaway, check it out!

    1. Yes all types just something about the smell gets to me lol

  2. Congrats hun. It was fun to read all your random facts.

  3. Great facts! I hate coffee too ugh, I don't know how people drink it lol

    1. I don't know either it tastes so bleeehh lol

  4. Congrats for the award! Glad to learn to know you better :)
    I used to have a pitbull too, her name was Demi, her brother was Demon.

    1. That is awesome they are such a great breed!

  5. Congrats on your award! I found you through the blog hop. My friend has a pit bull too, a brindle named Sasha. She's a sweetie!
    Following you :)



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