Sunday, November 18, 2012

Urban Decay Haul and Swatches

Purchased By Me

Here are some swatches and pictures of some of my Urban Decay products that I picked up during their Friends and Family sale. I was really torn between finally buying one of the Naked palettes or getting a build your own palette. In the end I went with a build your own and I'm really happy I did the case is really nice and I like being able to choose which shades to put into it. I picked out some of my must have shades that I can't live without for the time being but I'm sure I'll expand on it soon.

The build your own palette comes with a small good karma brush and an exclusive shade called Walk of Shame. It's a very pretty matte peach color being so pale it's almost too light for my skin tone but it does indeed look nice with the other colors. The case itself is some sort of metal on the outside and plastic on the inside, you'll have no problem snapping in and out different shadows. I love that they made it so you can add what shadows you want it is really well designed in that regard. This case was $18 and the price includes the Walk of Shame shadow and the brush, can you say what a steal?!

Here are the swatches of the shadows bought; Walk of Shame, Sin, Virgin, and X. My favorite has always been X and when the did the reformulation of shadow I was very happy to see that it would be sticking around. The shadows retail for $18 each from Urban Decay.

Here are some shots of the shadows popped out of their original packaging it was pretty easy to get them out once you did it a few times. I love Urban Decay and I can't wait to fill this up with even more shadows!

What do you think of the Build your own Palette?



  1. The palette looks great. I like that you can pick and choose your own colours.

    Sita xx

  2. Even though I'm not overly impressed with these palettes, I'm still tempted by them. They seem so much more expensive than other build-your-own systems, and the packaging is so bulky. Thankfully, I already have most of the colors in the permanent line because of palettes, so buying one of the build-your-own ones would be silly for the time being.

    I like your choice of colors. Those are some of my favorites as well.

  3. Those eye shadow colors are great, i love them! I would so get this pallette i love you can pop in any colors and just throw it your purse!

  4. I really like the idea of their build your own palette although it's been done before, the Urban Decay one is a really good deal with the free eye shadow and brush.

    Nice choice of colours also, you can never go wrong with neutrals.

  5. I really like the colors you've chosen, I would definitely choose similar colors! I've never see the Build your own Palette from Urban Decay but I love the concept!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  6. I need one of these palettes! I've only tried a couple of UD shadows and I need more!

  7. That build your own is gorgeous! What a great choice!

  8. I really love Sin and Virgin! I have them in my NAKED 1 and they are true winners - i love Sin as a highlight! I love the idea of a build-your-own-combo palette but I think I'll skip this and buy a "freedom" palette like Unii Palette or Z Palette :D

  9. I love the idea of choosing your own shadows. Great haul

  10. I love it!And great prices

    Yamari (@yourgotogal)

  11. I have been lusting after a naked palette and still havent bought one! Love the colours that you selected! All so pretty and sheer!

  12. I really love this palette and the colors you filled it up with!

    New follower, follow back?

  13. I love how you can pick and choose. What a great concept. This is going on my must have list.

  14. I love this idea, didn't know it existed haha all brands should have a build your own, don't you just hate when you love all colors in a palette except one or two grr either way, love the ones you picked!

    Miranda M |

  15. Sounds so cool! It's a simple but great idea! ♥ I really like X!

  16. I think you made a good choice. I love the pay off of Urban Decay but even more so I love their eyeliners.

  17. I think build your own is definitely the way to go- rarely do I like every color in a set. Great picks!!!

    ~Alexis of North On Harper

  18. I seriously love the nude matte ones so much!


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