Monday, July 18, 2011

MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder

Picked this little gem up a few weeks ago and I'm really liking it. Goes on smooth, lasts all day,  and has intense matte color. I've used MAC eye kohls before but usually I grab the Technakohl Liner because I'm lazy and I don't like sharpening my liners but I really liked the color of this one so I picked it up instead. Never hurts to try something different every now and then. This formula comes in a few different colors so it offers something for everyone, if you want to check it out or pick one up for yourself go to the MAC Cosmetics Website or check it out in person at any MAC store.

                             Quality: 10/10
                             Overall Rating: 10/10
                             Would I recommend it:  Yes! Pick one up if you need a good black liner.

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