Friday, July 1, 2011

MAC False Lashes Mascara

I've been a big fan of MAC cosmetics since I started using their mascara and lipstick a few years ago. They always come through with high quality products which is something I really like, I've tried many many mascara's in the past and sometimes they have that chemical smell to them but not MAC! I usually wear Plush Lash but when I heard they came out with a new mascara called False Lashes I knew I was going to have to try it out. Like everyone else I want that super dramatic, dark, and volumized lashes like you see on all those actresses on TV, but without all the mess and work of gluing them on and making sure they don't look stupid. This mascara is a super easy solution to that problem. It does give great length and curl to your lashes especially if you are giving them a little curl before hand with an eyelash curler. Its not thick or sticky and doesn't clump easily. I also like that it takes a minute to dry so you get a little extra time to slap on that extra layer to make it look that much better.Its not going to give you that super fat cat eye fake lash instead it give you what I like to call a "Naturally False" look instead. Now don't get me wrong I still love Plush Lash and will do a review on that one at some point but this is my new go to mascara if I want that extra bit of va-voom!  I already have pretty long lashes but this really makes them stand out, I think it would work very well for people with shorter lashes to because it does help lengthen, curl, and show em off.

On a side note it is a pain trying to get a good clear picture of ones eye, I think it took me about 10 tries for each picture!

Quality: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10
Would I reccomend it: Yes for long or short lashes and if your looking for that extra sexy lash without all the hassle that goes along with it.

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