Thursday, October 13, 2011

E.L.F. Glitter Gloss in Crystal Cranberry

 When I was at Target last weekend I picked up a few E.L.F. products and I have finally found a miss. This is their Glitter Gloss from the Studio line and I really wanted to like it. It's such a cute color in the bottle and the glitter is super sparkly but the formula on this one really is a miss.

At first look it doesn't seem like the glitter in this product would be a problem but it is. It feels gritty like sand on your lips and on applying it becomes even more gritty. The gloss itself is rather sticky and does not feel anything like their other lip gloss products. I think the combination of the gloss and glitter had promise but for this product the end result is a sticky and gritty mess. It felt like I had applied glue to my lips and tossed on some sand. The color pay off on this is average it shows up nicely but the glitter really ruins it.
Overall I'm a fan of the E.L.F. line but this one is a miss for me and I wont be purchasing it again and will more than likely throw this one out. Since it was only $3.00 I'm not too worried about the cost and I'll still try other products from their line, but they should really re think how they make this one.
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