Sunday, October 2, 2011

Limited Edition Perfume Kit by Lush

Along with my love for all things makeup I'm also a big sucker for good perfume. I really like sets like this where you get a bunch of different ones to try because I'm always changing up the scents I wear. Lush makes a line of "Gorilla Perfumes" that I'd been wanting to try out but didn't want to spend the cash on one that I wasn't going to like. So when they came out with a Limited Edition Perfume Kit (which is no longer available :( 1/5/2012) I knew I had to have it. It comes with eight 2ml sample size bottles to try. I'll be going over each scent individually as I loved some but could live without others.

Breath of God: At first I wasn't sure that I liked this one it has a very strong almost menthol scent to it before applying. The thing I liked about this one was that as you wear it the scent changes to this refreshing yet warm smell. It has citrus undertones that really help bring out the best of it. This reminds me of incense. This is something that I could wear and not get tired of because it keeps things interesting.

Karma: This is one of my favorites and not just for its awesome name. Karma is a cult classic with Lush and has always been in very high demand. This is patchouli mixed with orange blossom, those are the two scents that really stand out for me. Mixed together they make this wonderful strong yet fresh fragrance.

Imogen Rose: What can I say I'm not a big floral person and this was a miss for me. Its very sweet and floral with rose being the main event. It has hints of what smell like baby powder in it as well. This is very soft and feminine and I think it would be great for someone who is into floral scents because there really isn't another rose perfume that smells quite like this on the market.

Lust: Jasmine is what this one is all about with a nice dark undertone. At first it smells almost like a sweet candy but as you wear it the dark side in this one really comes out. It is pretty strong at first as well, I think the woody undertone it has is what really has me liking it.

The Smell of Freedom: An intense blast of lemongrass is the first thing that comes to mind upon smelling this. Its strong yet still has a bit of mystery to its notes. Once you put it on the scent changes a bit to this wonderfully spicy fragrance. I can't quite place the smell, but I really like it.

Vanillary: I'm usually a really big fan of anything that smells like vanilla but this is not sweet enough for me. This one is a bit of a  muted vanilla scent, it has jasmine and tonka beans in it and I think those really overpower in this one. It almost smells like a caramel syrup than a vanilla.

Orange Blossom: There really is no way to beat out a fresh clean orange blossom scent. This hits the nail on the head with its fresh and clean scent. I really like that this is not overpowering it just the right amount to make it a wonderful scent.

Tuca Tuca: This has got to be the most lovely violet scent I have every come across. Violet is the main scent that really stands out but underneath that is a lovely bit of vanilla. A bit sweet and strong a little goes a long way with this one.

I would like to add that for all the scents I feel like they do fade fairly quickly, I'm not sure if that's because I'm only using very small amounts or if that's how they are just meant to play out but I would keep that in mind when it comes to buying a bigger size.

As far as the set goes I think its a great idea and really helps you figure out what scents you'd like without spending a bunch of money. This set is no longer available as of 1/5/2012.on the Lush USA . Even tho two of these fragrances ended up not being for me I'm happy with the scents I did like and plan on picking those up sometime soon.

Update: This set is no longer available but they do have a new set of 8 other fragrances for $24.95 on the Lush USA website. The scents featured here are available in full sizes however just do a quick search on their website for the scent your looking for.

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