Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Solid Body Tint - Silk Stockings by Lush

 Silk Stockings is a Solid Body Tint made by Lush. This one is designed for lighter skin tones, there is another one called Black Stockings that is a nice bronze color and is for darker skin tones.

This has a relatively low melt point and goes on skin fairly easily. In the bottom left picture I really had to rub it on for some time to get it to show up enough for the camera. The bottom right picture shows how it looks after it has been rubbed in. It really just gives you a hint of color and brightens up any pasty bits. Im please with the light pink and slightly shimmery color it ends with.

However one thing I don't like about this bar is how it smells. Its really strong and overpowering. The scent is also a lot stronger when it is applied to the skin. They say it is scented like their (since discontinued) Fever massage bar, I never had a chance to try that one out but if they in fact share the same scent I can say I would not like. It smells of a mix of roses and sandalwood but the sandalwood is really strong and pretty much overpowers any other scents. If they could tone that down a bit I would be much happier with this product.

I do like that once it on your skin it doesn't come off onto clothing, people, or sheets. It is also a nice little moisturizer, I wouldn't lose the lotion all together but its a nice little pick me up for your skin before going out for the night.

This can be used all over the body but because of its strong smell I usually just use it on my legs to give them a little bit of color. I know a lot of fair skinned girls like to use it as a blush but I wouldn't be able to stand the smell so can't say how well it works in that aspect.

Overall I like the product but I don't think I'll be buying it again because the scent just gets to me. I do love the color it gives me and think that as a body tint its awesome, its only downfall is that god awful smell!
Before Rubbing In

Rubbed In


  1. LUSH is sooo addictive. I can't ever leave their shops without buying stuff!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. I used to not like the Silk & Black Stockings, but now I quite like the Silk Stockings. It gives a pretty glow - a girl from Lush once told me to use it as blush, and it actually works!!! ♥

    You're right about the scent though. It kinda stinks. xD


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