Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal and Curly Sexy Hair Curling Creme

 These have got to be two of my all time favorite hair products no matter what these are the ones that I come back to every time because they just work that good.

The Sexy Hair line has been one of my favorites for a really long time. I love their shampoo's, conditioners, and styling products most of all. They have something for every hair type which is a big plus for me. I used to only wear my hair straight but the past couple months I've been trying to do different things with it that will be less damaging and easy to do then blow drying and straightening out all the time. I always use the Soy Renewal hair oil in my hair when it wet regardless of what I'm doing to it. It smells amazing and its very affordable compared to other hair oils. You can get that size bottle for about $20 bucks at Ulta or anywhere else that carries the brand. I have had that bottle for what seems like forever a little goes a long way with this stuff. I have naturally curly hair and it does wonder to make my curls spring up just right. The curling creme is great if you one who doesn't like to have crunchy hair. It's a light hold and smells just like apples, I would use this for its awesome scent regardless of how well it worked I think it smells good enough to eat. I can't remember exactly what I paid for this one I think it was somewhere around $15-$20 but I'm not sure it was awhile ago when I picked it up. Just know it works amazing at keeping frizz down and helping keep your curls shaped without any crunch.

In the pictures below I wanted to show you guys the texture and look of each of these products. The Soy renewal is great even as a moisturizer for your legs if your in a pinch (like I was when I forgot to bring my lotion to vegas lol). In my hair I use about half that amount and I have hair past my shoulders. The Curling creme is a really nice texture its not sticky even on your hand which is really nice. Again I use about half of that in my hair and it helps curl it to perfection.

I highly recommend both of these products, if your looking for some extra moisturizer for your hair without breaking the bank Soy Renewal is a great choice. For you curly girls and guys out there if you want to try a new curly hair product Curling Creme is an excellent choice.

Soy Renewal
Curling Creme


  1. OMG that Soy Renewal stuff is amazing my hairstylist used it in my hair and I've been wanting to get it ever since

  2. Thanks for sharing I need something like Soy Renewal for a moisturizer!
    xoxo, Chantel

  3. Great post! I'm always trying to find new products for my curly hair

  4. I have really been wanting to try the Soy Renewal product, but I just haven't gotten around to it. I need to check it out!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Ooo... definitely want to try that Soy Renewal product! My hair sounds really similar to yours, curly naturally, but needs some discipline so it doesn't take over, haha. great post!


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