Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Benefit Watt's Up!

 This morning as I'm browsing the Sephora website (Yes I have a shopping problem... haha) I clicked on their Hot Now Volume 11 list and low and behold the first item on the list is Benefit Watt's Up! I picked this product up in my birthday haul back in early December and I'm really liking it. So I can see why it made that list it's a great product.

I've recently started buying a lot more Benefit products. Ive found that they are high quality and not too overly priced for it. They also have to die for packaging and the cutest names on the block, things like this are big selling points for me I'm a sucker for a cute name.

Now Watts Up! is a highlighter that can be used on the brow bone, cheeks, or pretty much anywhere else you want a bit of glow. For me this works wonders on my cheeks to give that luminous but natural glow. This is not sparkly or overly iridescent it is just a simple glowing champagne shade that creates a soft focus.

With a cream to powder finish it is also easily blend able, you can use your fingers, a brush or the sponge applicator on the bottom of the product. I tend to lean more towards brushes and my fingers when it comes to applying and blending this because I dont feel that the sponge would be all that hygienic in the long run. I do know some ladies use the sponge and love it but I personally could do without it. I find that if you blend out the edges it really gives you a soft yet natural and dewy look to your skin. I've ended up wearing this with or without foundation and its turned out great on both occasions.

The day I took these pictures it was super foggy outside and the lighting in my house was not cooperating so I had a lot of trouble getting this to show up well on camera on my hand. I blame the camera its finicky and my boyfriend is overly protective of his Nikon :( so I didn't get to use his. I eventually got it to show up on my finger in a decent light, the swatch on my finger is not blended out in any way I just rubbed my finger over the stick a few times.

You can pick this up from anywhere that sells Benefit Cosmetics and this runs $30. I was a little hesitant about buying a $30 dollar highlighter but I'm really glad I took the risk because its a wonderful product. Keep in mind too if you buy it from Sephora and you don't like it you can always return it! Now that I have it I don't think the price is so bad because this is going to last a long time you get a lot of product and you don't have to use much to get it to show up. In the above photo I did not push the product all the way up to the top but had I it would be almost the length of the tube minus the part where the sponge is.

You can check out this -->album<-- on Benefit Cosmetic's Facebook page to see how this product looks on all different skin colors, honestly this album is what helped sell this product for me.


  1. I've been wanting to try this out! I also want to try out the Too Faced Candlelight Luminizer and The Balm's Mary Lou-manizer!

  2. This is on my wishlist! It looks lovely...and much better than the highlighter I'm currently using. Can't wait to try it!

  3. I really have to start looking into Benefit products. I get so distracted by Too Faced though, which is right next to the Benefit line in my Sephora...

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. the swatch on your finger looks so great! i love benefit stuff!
    thanks so much for your lovely comment:) x


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