Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Philosophy Unconditional Love Perfume

For the new year I decided I would add more perfume products to the blog since I seem to be lacking in that area. I'm a perfume addict so this shouldn't be too hard for me :)
Today we have Philosophy's Unconditional Love which is one of the sister products to the Falling in Love perfume I reviewed earlier this month. Unlike Falling in Love, Unconditional love is warmer toned. It's still sweet smelling but more so in a warm fuzzy floral yet fruity way. Even tho this is sweet it doesn't hit the mark for smelling like candy, this would be more of a fruity floral cocktail. I like to switch between the two because even tho they are similar they both shine in their own ways. I do find that this ones fades fairly quickly but not enough that you cant tell its on.

This is not an overpowering fragrance and I find it's great for people who can't be around strong perfumes, it seems to please almost every nose it touches. Even my aunt who HATES it when we wear strong scents around her she has the nose that knows and can pick out which one of us is the offender.

This product can be found at Sephora or direct from Philosophy, this is only available in glass spray bottles at this time. Sizes range from 0.5 oz for $15.00 and 1.7 oz for $40.00. For someone like me that changes fragrance quite often the smaller size lasts awhile for me but if you fall in love with it you might find yourself need a bigger bottle.


  1. Sounds fresh and nice. Love its simple packaging. I love Philosophy products, so I am sure this one is great too.

  2. I've never smelled any of the Philosophy perfumes, but you make it sound sweet and delicious. Will definitely go check it out next time I'm at sephora!


  3. I love most of the Philosophy Grace perfumes. So clean. Falana

  4. I love most of the Grace perfumes by Philosophy. They are all light but smell so pretty. Falana


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