Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HTML Crash Course for Bloggers

 Lately I've been having a lot of trouble with blogger doing what I want it to do automatically. Things like centering text or making things bold, italic, and underline all at the same time. I've been having to go about doing it the manual way and I figured if I'm having some of these issues maybe my other blogger friends are as well so today I bring you a crash course in HTML this will go over the basics!

If you need to add any of these codes when using Blogger click on the Edit HTML tab on top of the post your writing. I'm not sure how to add these on other platforms but I would suggest looking for something that says Edit HTML or something to that effect.

HTML is what helps make the internet go round after all. In this post I'm just going to cover some of the basic stuff but if your interested in getting a little more advanced with it (things like headings, tables, columns, meta tags, lists, etc.) Let me know in the comments!

Creating a link back to your blog or a certain post is essential. I'll admit I am lazy and sometimes don't actually link back to my own blog when leaving comments on other blogs but if the blog owner allows it you really should. It makes it easier for the person reading your comment to go check out your blog and it helps keep their blog clean.  Please be sure that leaving your link is allowed by blog owner before you do this however.

To create a link back to your own blog follow this code:
<a href="http://www.YourBlogURLHere.com"> Your Blog Name Here </a>

This code will work on any blog that accepts HTML. Some sites do it automatically for you but in case they don't you now have the power to do it!

Centering is something that can help emphasize certain areas of your blog post, it can also be tricky because not everything needs to be centered. I like to center things that are important and that I want to be read. Like on my Giveaway Post I centered when it ends and some of the fine print.

If you find yourself having to manually center things because blogger is being a jerk use this code:

<center> Text that you want centered has no limit and can span for the entire post or just a few paragraphs. Center it how you want it!</center>

I went in and gave that a manual center effect so you could see how it formats it :)

Giving text an italic look can help create a nice format and overlook for certain blog posts. I don't suggest italicizing whole paragraphs but using it on ingredient listings and things of that nature help them stand out and demand attention! I like to use Italic on certain words that I want to emphasize like I hope I am not boring you to death with this post :)

To Italicize text use this code:
<i> Insert the sentence/word or anything you want Italicized.</i>

Making your text Bold is also a nice effect for making sentences or words stand out!

To make your text Bold use this code:
<b> Text that you want BOLD!</b>

Underline is a nice effect as well for making things stand out and say that this is important!

To make your text Underlined use this code:
<u> Text that you want Underlined!</u>

I hope you guys found this post helpful, if you would like to see more posts about HTML let me know in the comments below. If you have any questions about HTML feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability! <3
P.s. I hope I didn't bore you all to death with this :x


  1. I know nothing about HTML so I found this post very informative! Thank you :)

  2. Great post Ashley!


  3. Thanks for the tips.. I know nothing about HTML so I'll be referring back to this a lot :)

  4. Thanks for this post. It was very helpful...
    HTML gives me a headache.


  5. You can never get enough help with HTML ahaa xox.

  6. I am so bad at this stuff! I wish I the money to pay someone to spruce up my blog posts lol.

    1. I'm no pro but I know my way around for the most part I'm totally with you it would be great to hire someone!

  7. thanks for sharing! I quit this stuff ages ago, need to learn this stuff all over again.


    1. Anytime it's not too hard to pick back up again but there is a lot of new code to learn!

  8. Very informative and makes me remember why I do beauty and not computers!! I am going to try to use your info on backlinks right now: (feeling sorta lame!)


    xoxo Lindsay

    1. Don't feel lame you did great! Makes it much easier for me to just click and head over to your blog ;)

  9. thank you for this!!! I used to know all this stuff back in the day with Myspace.. haha but i've since forgotten.

    xo rachel



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