Thursday, February 16, 2012

Veet Ready to Use Hair Removal Wax Strips Legs & Body

I picked these up in my haul because I wanted something that was quick and easy. Well quick and easy is what I should not have gone with because it turned into takes forever with little results.  I'm highly disappointed with these wax strips they are ineffective and don't really pull out much hair at all.

The good thing about them is that they smell nice... That's about it. These ones are advertised that they can be used on short hair 2mm in length so you don't have to wait for the hair to grow out. I had three days worth of growth on my legs and I had very inconsistent results. Certain areas turned out better than others like the sides of my calf turned out okay but the top and bottom would have hair pulled out in spots. It seems as if the wax just isn't thick enough to handle curved surfaces so you get spotty results. Even with going over the same area two or three times it could not pull out all the hair.

Another issue I had with these strips was that they would leave behind a sticky residue in spots. It wasn't sticky enough to be painful but it was quite annoying and stuck to everything. I used the wipes to try and remove the stickiness like the package said but they couldn't put a dent in it. When I used the wipes my skin instantly turned red it wasn't painful or itchy just really really red and it was not from the waxing. They were also greasy and smelled like medicine two things I'm not fond of.

In the end it took 7 strips on each leg so 14 strips in total and it had lack luster results. I'll probably finish the rest of the strips in the box just because I paid $8.99 for them but I will definitely not use the wipes ever again, I'll be using baby oil next time. They hair that it did pull out hasn't come back but since the results were so patchy I still have to shave to get a smooth finish.

This wax product is a disappointment and I suggest skipping this brand of wax strips.



  1. Finally ! I've been looking for a review of these products for months because I was always hesitant on purchasing them. I'm definitely not gonna try them anymore >.<

    Thank you so much !

    1. Yeah I suggest staying away they are not worth the time or money!

  2. FINALLY someone did a review on this product! So...I tried this as well and noticed basically the same results...not very effective. Years ago I tried the veet hair removal did an ok job, I would say it was slightly better than these darn strips! Love your blog, your reviews are fantastic, and hope you'll stop by and would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks so much that really means a lot. I've also used the cream in the past but couldn't get over the burning sensation it gave me while it was on! I'm going to look around for a few other wax products but we'll see! btw stopped by your blog its lovely I'll be following <3

  3. Thanks for this, Ashley! I have been thinking about trying wax strips, but I'm such a chicken. Now I know not to use this brand!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights


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