Monday, June 11, 2012

Urban Decay Update

I received an email this morning from in regards to an update on the petition asking Urban Decay to Refuse animal testing in China. I'll share the email with you guys here in case you didn't get it.

Urban Decay doesn't seem to be taking the heat of their decision well! As of 6/8/12, only two days after the news broke that they would let China conduct animal tests of their products, not only did they lose their Leaping Bunny and PETA certification off of their website, but their original press statement THEY released is now gone too!
If you still want to read the original, go here:
This petition is in your hands. Please share it with everyone you know, and on any platform possible to try and make Urban Decay adopt a PERMANENT cruelty-free policy. Even if we do not succeed with them, it will show other cosmetics companies that moving into China with their current testing policies in place is not a good idea. Share this on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, wherever you can think of.
Thank you for all of your support!
Stay beautiful the cruelty-free way,
Adina Chmiel

PETA has now issued a statement about Urban Decay's decaying principles and has taken them off of their cruelty free list.

On top of pulling their original statement for a much shorter and less descriptive one Urban Decay has also been pretty silent on their social media accounts with no new posts since sometime on June 7th, 2012. As all of us social media addicts know that is actually quite a bit of time to go off the radar. They have also taken down their Vegan Marley paw print from the bottom of their site but it does still appear next to products that have all vegan ingredients and you can still use it to search for these items, which is ironic.

The petition itself only has a little over 3,000 signatures right now which I think is incredibly low. I know a lot more people than that have been fired up over this issue. Whether or not you use all cruelty free makeup or not I think it's important to show our support in favor of companies being cruelty free, so what are you waiting for? Help make some change and go sign the petition on! Don't forget to spread it around on you social media sites too the more people that can be reached the better chance we have of setting the precedent that cruelty free products are important.

Peta also has a pre written letter you can send off to Urban Decay

You can read my original post on Urban Decay no longer being cruelty free and why here

*In case your not familiar with they are one of the leading petition sites and have had many successes in making change and getting the word out about things going on near and far. Most notably they were able to get Bank of America to back down on their $5 debit card fee and create better working conditions for Chinese citizens working in Apple Factories. Their site is legit and all you need is your name to sign the petition, if your not comfortable putting in your address just put n/a in those slots.*


  1. thanks for spreading the word on this! I have already signed it. :)

    1. Awesome we all need to stand together on things like this :)

  2. wow, I will definitely spread the word!

  3. I am definitely going to spread the word. I wonder how other companies who are animal friendly are getting by in China.... I am glad you revisited the issue, it's amazing how quickly it all went down.

    1. Thanks Bessie, I think we will still see more to come from them once the web chat goes down too. I'm going to attend it for sure so I'll do another update then.

  4. Wow, thanks for posting this! I had no idea they did animal testing!


    1. Urban decay themselves doesn't test on animals and hasn't ever But if they do indeed start selling products in China the Chinese government will be the ones doing the testing with Urban Decay's permission. So it's pretty much the same thing I hope they will seriously reconsider there advance into China.

  5. I love how they supposedly are gonna try to change China. BWAHAHAHA! SO many companies have been trying to do that for years, they do not change. They do however, pretend to till they get caught and even then they don't change.


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