Monday, August 13, 2012

August 2012 Little Black Bag

**Update Little Black Bag merged with Pose in May 2014 and is now operating under the name Pose. I have since cancelled because I do no agree with the new policies that have been put in place.

 Today my August Little Black Bag items arrived or some of them did anyway. I opened the box to find that I was missing my second watch, so I was super disappointed. I've contacted customer service and I hope this will get resolved speedily because I was hoping to send it off to my sister.

In case you missed my post about what Little Black Bag is check it out here.

On to the products! I really do love the Kenneth Cole Reaction Watch set that I picked up the white face and white band with the little silver accents really make this watch pop. The extra band it came with is more of a green blue teal color than the brighter turquoise kind of color I was expecting but I still really like it. It's very light weight and fits nicely on my writs. I have pretty small writs at only about 6 inches around I usually have a hard time fitting watches and things without having to make extra holes or take links off. Luckily this one had just the right amount of hooks to make it fit.
Next up are the necklaces from All the Rage, the fabric necklace and beaded collar necklace. In hindsight I think I maybe should have traded these away because now that I have them I must admit I'm a little intimidated by their bright colors and boldness. I'll have to slowly work these into an outfit at some point, I'll be sure to give you guys a heads up on it when I do. As for quality I would say they are just average and I actually busted the bead off the fabric one when I was showing my boyfriend because I tugged on it way too hard. Nothing a little needle and thread can't fix tho, it always seems I'm doing something clumsy with my new things. Like my camera which I dropped during this shoot.... oops.. It's okay tho I think!

There we have it my August 2012 Little Black Bag, I'll add this post to the Sample Subscriptions page for future reference and I'll update this when I hear back from customer service about the missing watch issue.

On a side note I'm shooting with a different camera for a little while because it has a macro lens and I'm learning to use it so bear with me until I can work it like a pro like my other one. I can easily say my lighting situation needs improvement! 

What do you guys think of my August Little Black Bag?


  1. Oh too bad about the missing watch! I hope they get it to you soon. The rest of the stuff looks cute!

    1. I know I hope they make it right! thanks :)

  2. I understand your feelings of being intimidated by the bright colors! I love the necklaces. I think I'd try them out with something simple like a plain black top at first just to get used to them! Great bag!

  3. The beaded collar necklace is super cute! Just wear the necklaces with some neutral outfit to balance out the boldness of the colors...or you could wear them with a collared shirt so the collar will cover up a little bit of the necklace to hide some of the brightness! I really think getting all jewelry instead of a purse is the way to go with LBB.

  4. lovely pieces hun. Signed up but been debating on whether to order my first box:)

    1. Are you in Canada? They are currently only shipping to the US :( The are working on getting international shipping tho!

  5. Oh I love the 2 necklaces and I love the bright colors. You can easily work them into your outfits, just start off with neutral color clothing and use the necklace as a pop of color. That way, it will be less daunting and intimidating for you. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Love the watch and those necklaces! :) Can't wait to see you wear it with your outfit :)

    Kaye Awatin

  7. Love those necklaces. That blue is a beautiful color!

  8. I love that yellow necklace Ashley! It'll look great with so many things! Sorry to hear the 2nd watch didn't arrive! I hope they'll resolve the issue.

  9. I LOVE that yellow necklace!!! You can definitely wear it with a lot.


  10. I am in love with the yellow necklace. I hate to hear about your missing watch. :(


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