Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 2012 MyGlam Bag

I'm super excited to share with you guys the August 2012 MyGlam Glam bag! This month's bag included 6 items and I'm happy to say this was another good bag. I ended up getting the polish color I wanted (hot pink) and the lip gloss color I wanted (again hot pink) so this was a really exciting bag for me. The bag itself this month is mesh and it's very vibrant this whole month is filled with color!

It did ship again from North Carolina so it took a little longer than it has in the past to get here to SF but it was still timely. Also I have noticed that both bags that came from this facility had no funny smells! That is just another reason to like this warehouse change.

This month's bag includes:
Endless Summer themed

Demeter Fragrance Library Roll on Perfume Oil
The one I received is called Dragon Fruit and I quite like it. Very fruity but not super strong or overpowering. I put it on my wrist when it arrived and it smelled very nice for a few hours, it fades fairly quickly.

Eclos Cellular Activator Facial Serum
I have never tried anything from this company but I like that it's an anti age product since I've been on the hunt for something to add into my skincare routine.

Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream
This will compliment the serum very well I think and I like that they included two products form the same type of skin care line and company. I do have a ton of moisturizer's at this point tho so it may take some time for me to get around to using this.

Salty Cosmetics Glama-ZOID! Eye Shadow
This is an interesting color I think it will work well as a highlight color. On my hand I think it made me look like a sparkly twilight vampire!

MyGlam Glam Gloss in 02
This was the mystery item that they didn't reveal any sneak peeks for. When I first heard about it I was a little disappointed but now that I have it in hand I'm pretty happy with it. The size is very nice at 0.23 fl oz and the packaging is well made and very cute. The doe foot applicator is a little wonky I think it's kind of big and flimsy but that's my only complaint with this. It smells nice like a fruity bubblegum and the formula is just right not too thick and not too thin. It also has much better pigmentation than I would have expected, they really might have something here.

Circus by Andrea's Choice
This time around I received Ringmaster the hot pink color and this really is much more neon, the pictures aren't doing it justice. I will say I find it a bit odd that they included another nail polish from her line since last month they sent out two other colors. I don't mind it tho and I'll swatch it for you guys sometime in the future. These colors are still not available for purchase by the public yet but will be in Fall 2012.

There we have the August 2012 MyGlam Glam bag! I'm glad I stuck around with this company and for $10 a month I think they have been really stepping up their game product wise.

Are you a MyGlam Subscriber, Whats your take on the August 2012 Glam Bag?

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  1. omg this is an awesome bag!! looks like myglam is upping the competition for US beauty boxes! enjoy your goodies :)

    Check out my LippyGirl Blusher giveaway!

  2. Wow! The sample sizes are really generous! Tempted to subscribe...

  3. im interested in seeing how the serum works!
    Xo Megan

  4. Love these beauty boxes. New follower from BLT blog hop.x

  5. wow looks like a great bag! xx

  6. I absolutely love Glam Bag! I really want to get that pink nail polish! It looks so bright. Although I didn't really like the quality of the yellow one from last month! I wish they would send us the whole collection before they even put them out. That would be amazing! ;) I can't wait to try the gloss, but I'm not sure if I will like the smell. I've been very picky about them lately. The anti aging stuff looks amazing, same with the little oil perfume! Hope it smells good to me. I'm not sure about the shadow since it looks really shiny. Well, overall it looks really good. I'm glad you liked the bag again. Which bag did you find smelled?

  7. I was so happy with this month! I got a neon orange polish and love the color of it :)

  8. I'm interested in how that face serum works for you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Oooh that looks like a great bag of goodies!! I love those colors they sent you! I may have to sign up for this!

  10. The Glam Bag looks waaaay better than Birchbox for sure! You scored some great loot! And thank you so much for the Passionfruit tip. I was able to go in and change my ads! I had no idea I could do this. Thanks a million!!

  11. Myglam got so much better after I cancelled :( I love the nail polishes that everyone has been getting they are so pretty!

  12. I've not tried this Glam Bag, however I have used Glossy Box, and Birchbox in the past ... this looks like a fun mix of items that I'd love! :)

  13. this is such a cool idea, looks like you got a lot of great stuff! i'm going to have to look into this, it seems awesome!

  14. Wow this looks awesome, we have a few services like this in the UK but nothing as glam and girly as this!! Love it.

    Now a follower of your blog :)



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