Monday, December 24, 2012

December 2012 Birchbox

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Again a little late on the bandwagon with this post but here is my December 2012 Birchbox. I am again a little underwhelmed with this box but I think I might stay with them a little longer I dunno I am on the fence about it. I really love the points program they have and so far I have liked a good amount of products they have sent me. I'm hoping they shape up in the new year especially with Ipsy quickly becoming the better of the two $10 subscriptions.

Without further à deux lets get into the box, I only took one picture because I think we have all seen these products around a time or two by now.
My box included:
All Wrapped Up theme

Frownies | Eye Gels
These seem interesting and I will enjoy giving them a try.

Juicy Couture | Juicy Couture
I have a few other samples of this so it will be added to my collection of them at this point I wont ever have to buy the full size because I have so many samples.

Number 4 | Clarifying Shampoo
This smells pretty icky and I wont be using it.

Per-Fekt Beauty | lash Perfection Gel
A primer, conditioner, and mascara all in one, I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Lifestyle Extra
Tea Forte | Skin-Smart Teas
I've newly discovered Tea Forte from Popsugar so I'm glad to have these other ones to try out. So far I'm very fond of the brand.

$50 Rent the Runway Credit
Which I don't plan on using so if any of you would like it message me! First come first serve.

What do you think of the December 2012 Birchbox?


  1. Mine was different products but all foil packets. Very disappointing and like this since October. I want to cancel but I love the point system.

  2. Mine was 90% different - I got the shampoo too. I've gotten that fragrance before. I don't use the point system since their reviews take forever to fill out and I don't have that time. You need to do so many reviews to make it count. I have a review of mine coming up on Monday.

  3. I'm glad to know, and also not so much, that I wasn't the only one disappointed in my December Birchbox. I received 3 packets of lotion and a lip gloss. I was so disappointed that I emailed them and their reply was telling me that I could buy product from the site. Honestly, form the 90 products they offer to all their subscribers (us) we received so little? I've noticed a lax in the boxes since the summer and though I agree with the points and they come in handy, it might be time to change to another system.


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