Tuesday, December 18, 2012

POPSUGAR Must Have November

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Since I was out of town in November this box is coming to you guys pretty late but I figured it was better to get it up now than to not put it up at all. This is the POPSUGAR Must Have box for the month of November, I'll be posting the December one shortly too!

The November box wasn't as big of a hit with me as the October box but that's okay because the items I won't use will make great gifts for my boyfriends mom.

Gorjana Parker Bracelet |  $55 USD MSRP 
This bracelet is not in the color I would have chosen for myself but that's the point of these sub services right? I'm very happy with the quality of this bracelet and adore the clasp it has on it. This piece alone pretty much payed for the box too!
 Mor Lip Macaron in Peach Nectar | $13.62 USD MSRP
This smells just like those fruity peach rings I used to eat as a kid, I love it! I'm been pretty obsessed with lip products recently so this is a very welcome addition to my collection.

Snow & Graham Thank You Notes | $15.00 USD MSRP
These are going to be perfect to send out to friends and family after the holidays. There is nothing better than a hand written card in this age of technology.
 La Boite Spice Mixes | $23.99 USD MSRP
These will be going to my boyfriends mom because she is much more cooking savvy than I am. I personally am not quite sure what I would make with these even with the suggestions they give on the card they are just not things that I personally would eat.

Stonewall Kitchen Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix | $9.95 USD MSRP
These sound so good but I haven't had a chance to make them yet since I don't have a doughnut pan. I'm thinking I may buy one just to give these a go and it will give me an excuse to make more of them if they are good! 
Mandy Ingber's Yoglosophy DVD | $11.98 USD MSRP
I'm not really into yoga anymore since I pulled a chest wall muscle so I think this will also be going to my boyfriends mom, I'm sure she will enjoy it!

Special Extra's
Stylemint $30 credit
I have not yet used this but I think I will finally order it today and let you guys know how I like Stylemint I have never tried them before.

Canvaspop $30 credit
I'm actually really excited about this because my boyfriend is really big into photography so I'm going to get one of his pictures printed up thru this service. That is as soon as he's done picking it over in Photoshop until it's up to his standards (which could take forever... lol). Hopefully he will finish before the credit expires!

Based solely on the MSRP values and not including the special extras this box is worth $129.54 which is very good considering the price of the box is $35. I including these prices in USD because the Mor Lip Macaroon was in AUD and I had to convert it to USD. The extra I think really do add value to the box because either way I can sign up for Stylemint and get a free $30 worth of product and same with Canvaspop so overall I am again pleased with the POPSUGAR Must Have box!

POPSUGAR Must Have is $35 a month with free shipping if you'd like to sign up click here and use code REFERFRIENDS for $5 off your order!

What do you think of the POPSUGAR Must Have box?



  1. I seen a couple boxes and then signed up right away! I think its so fun for a subscription since you get different types of things. I love my beauty subscriptions but this just seems like something fun and different. I should be getting my first box any day...So excited!

  2. nice!! i've seen Mor products in a little shop in a tiny town and was so tempted to try those Lip Macarons (partly because they're called Macarons). sounds delicious!

  3. I got my December box and am so excited about what was inside. This is a great subscription.

  4. You got some great stuff in this months box. Cant believe it was only $35 for all those goods. Good deal!


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