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February 2013 Birchbox

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I've had this Birchbox for at least a week now but it's so underwhelming for me I just haven't gotten around to posting it. I knew the contents of this box before it even arrived (thanks to peeking in the box section after it shipped) and made the decision to breakup with Birchbox. Things with me and BB started off good the first few boxes I received I was really happy with but a few months later they started to be not so good. I also have a bone to pick with them about all the box variations they have, I feel like half the subbies get the newer picks of the samples and the others get the left overs from other months boxes. I tried tweaking my profile on the site but they still just kept sending me products that really missed the mark. I was tired of getting hair product after hair product and I really think I would have hurt someone if they sent me another liquid eyeliner! I also have a problem with them saying that they provide "Deluxe Beauty Samples", I'm sorry last I checked that foil packet or tee tiny bottle (Yeah I'm talking about that Dr. Jart BB cream sample they sent) was not deluxe in any way shape or form. For the same price I get more from my other sub Ipsy than I have in recent months from BB.

Now to end this rant there are things that I do like about Birchbox like the points and the shop but those things are not enough to keep me if they skimp on the box itself. I would like to see them be more competitive with their competition and stop casting lame samples down on their customers from their hill.

So Birchbox this is goodbye and it's certainly not me it's you.

Want to know what was in my last box that caused the breakup? Keep reading!
Color Club | Fiesta Collection in Wild Cactus
Not a horrible color and it's showing up lighter in the photos than it is in person. St. Patrick's day is coming so I'm sure I'll get some use out of it but the other Color Club polishes I have received from BB have not impressed me in terms of wear so I'm this one will be no different.

Lancome | LA Base Pro
While I am loyal to MUFE when it comes to primer I will give this a try just for kicks.

Miss Jessie's | Pillow Soft Curls
While it is a big foil packet it is still a foil packet and to add insult to injury it says FREE on it. Perhaps I'm nit picking but what exactly were they thinking when they sent paying subscribers something that is considered free. I will use this sample but I wont be happy about it because I always seem to make a giant mess with foil packets and I only end up using a little bit of the actual product because it can't be re-sealed.

Vasanti | BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
I don't know why they picked this for my box I really have no interest in Face Rejuvenation... but maybe I should?

Ghirardelli | Milk & Caramel SQUARE
You know it's bad when your favorite part of the box was the "Special Extra", this was delicious I wish they would have included more than one.

So there you have it my last Birchbox, I think I'll take my extra $10 bucks and maybe look into a new sub or invest in more Little Black Bags not that I need more of those! If Birchbox improves in the future I would consider going back to them.


  1. so sorry that you're breaking up with BB, but if they weren't delivering, then yeah! You should get what you want :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  2. I agree that they should step it up! It's not a free service, so why are they sending "free" items?! You should send this post link to them, they need to take what you have to say into consideration because I am sure many people agree.

  3. I got the same box as you...actually didn't think it was too bad compared to some other ones I've gotten, but I agree about the Miss Jessies sample. While I really love the product, those samples literally come free from the company so its ridiculous that they included it as a sample. I think the reason I stick with BB is for the point system haha

    I actually really like the Vasanti sample! I didn't think I would because I usually don't even use the skincare stuff they send lol.

  4. I'm still on the fence about staying subbed. I'm giving them another month.

  5. I recieved the same bag and was going to cancel but I won a free 3 months on a blog giveaway. After 3 months I will probably cancel unless they up their game. IPSY is sssooo much better!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  6. I love the Visanti face stuff. It's one of the only things I've actually purchased in full size from BB.

  7. I broke up with Birchbox several months ago. Since then, I've yet to see a month where I thought to myself I really missed out.

  8. LMAO this is why I broke up with Birchbox a long time ago. my favorite part would've been the chocolate, too. it just seemed like the company was more worried about getting "advertisers" to pay to be in their boxes than...pleasing their customers...

  9. Ugh sorry to hear that you've had such crappy Birchboxes. I am glad I don't get them now >.<

  10. Sorry you had that experience, it makes room for another beauty subscription. I enjoyed viewing your reviews

    1. Yep Im looking into another one but might hold off for a few months to save up a bit of extra money for one of the more expensive ones.

  11. Well it was about time you quit BB! lol They were good and then they were terrible. I do like the Color Club color :)


  12. I'm not even blogging about it this month. I have nothing new to say that I haven't said before in a review.

  13. I stopped my subsription with birchbox about a year ago and since then I see nothing has changed. It's the same old song and dance......i really think glossy box is worth your money, $22 and do get delux and full sized products,

  14. Ashley, you are so funny! I've never used any of the products mentioned above except for Miss Jessie's and I think if you're a curly haired girl you won't be disappointed. Their product smells delish too. I do understand about the free being on the packet. If Im paying you money, I want my moneys worth!

  15. I broke up with BB about 6 months ago and check up from time to time to see if they've improved... still a big NO. There seem to be a lot of better services out there with more bang for your buck. The last box I got from them was laughingly terrible. I don't regret canceling at ALL.


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