Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag Sneak Peeks March 2013

"Time to get away? What do you think our March Glam Bag theme is? Tell us your guess in the comments below."
This image was added to the Ipsy Facebook page (2/27/13) with the above caption. My guess is some sort of Beach theme I don't think they will call it "Beach Beauty" however since that was the theme of the July 2012 Glam Bag. Possibly even something nautical or suddenly spring related?!
*Update 2/28/13 the theme will not be completely nautical related but more of a getaway theme* 
Ipsy It's not completely nautical, ladies. But it's definitely a great Glam Bag for when you're on-the-go! Sun, city streets, or snow!
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**This post contains spoilers, if you don't want to know whats in the bag please avert your eyes**

These next two pictures were found by the lovely ladies at MakeupTalk in the Ipsy March 2013 Thread floating around on the Ipsy website. To me and lots of other ladies on the forum this looks like a Z Palette and I'm going to keep my fingers crossed, I've been waning one of those for a long long time!

*Update 2/28/13 Ipsy has confirmed that this is not a Z Palette :(* 

Ipsy HINT HINT! The cover is actually a mirror, not a see through cover. It is NOT a Z Palette! Keeping on guessing ladies! 

Travel to your dream destination in style with this clever travel must-have.
Confirmed this will be the GLAM RX Mini Pallete!

This looks to me like maybe a single eye shadow of some kind perhaps to go with the second picture which appears to be a palette for pan shadows of some kind.

*Update 3/1/13 It has been confirmed that the shadow are not coastal scents. Speculation says that they may be from Yaby Cosmetics.*

Ipsy It is not Coastal Scents! We love them but we definitely switched it up this month. Hope you're all excited!

**Confirmed these are Yaby Cosmetics Eyshadows**

Two more sneak peek images were found by a member of Makeuptalk from the Ipsy Website.
**Confirmed these are L.A. Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Cloths**

**Confirmed this is Juice Beauty Hydrating Spray**

This post has been fully updated with confirmation of the products of the March 2013 Glam Bag as of 3/8/13


  1. I'd love if it was a z palette! That would be great. I really think the bag is adorable! I'm excited for this month!

    1. I know I'm so bummed that it's not but hopefully this GlamRX palette is just as nice.

  2. I am so excited for this months bag!! the bag by itself looks soo cute!! i cant wait!!

  3. I LOVE the bag design! Anything nautical, I'll love.

    1. Me too I think the design is one of my faves yet.

  4. the bottom images nozzle doesn't look like a spray but one that pumps oil or serum

    1. It kinda does I wish they would have used less filters on that image then we could really be able to tell :)

  5. The spray item is listed on Ipsy's site as a toner/astringent which rules out any hair product. ;) My first thought was hair item when I saw the pic but once I saw the actual page I realized they were right - it has to be Murad or Juice Beauty with higher chance of it being Juice Beauty; then again we all could be wrong still and it's neither one. LOL

    1. Right we could be, still sad the palette isn't really a z palette too they had us fooled on that one! lol I'm hoping for Juice Beauty too I liked that moisturizer they sent from them awhile back.

  6. How exciting, maybe a bronzer, hair lightener or a beach bag. I am ready for a getaway!

  7. Ohh I can't wait to get mine!! Should be at home waiting for me when I get home from chilly Florida!!!


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