Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love With Food May 2013

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This month I decided to give a different type of subscription service a try and what better one to start with than one that you can eat. Love with Food is $12 a month ($10 for the box $2 for shipping) and for every box sold they donate a meal to a hungry child. Each month you’ll receive 8+ gourmet food items in your Love with Food box. 

This month’s theme was Breakfast in Bed and I don’t really think they hit the mark on the theme. Why do I want to eat cookies and chips in bed for breakfast?... Regardless of the miss on the theme I did enjoy some of the products.

The Cookie Department | Great Full Vegan Sweet Potato Wellness Cookie
I must say I was skeptical about how tasty a sweet potato cookie could be but I was pleasantly surprised to bite into it and it still taste good. If I hadn’t read the package I wouldn’t have known it had sweet potato in it at all, it was quite good.

Mrs. May’s | Strawberry Pineapple Crunch (May’s mystery item)
These were a bit on the dry side but still tasty. They were very nutty and the fruit taste complimented that nicely. I snacked on these while photographing some items for the blog.

Biscotti Bari | Authentic Almond Biscotti
I am not much of a biscotti fan never have been so this was just meh for me.

Caffe Borsa | Hand Drip Premium Coffee
I am not a coffee person so I didn’t use this item but I must say that its design is pretty interesting. I think the boyfriend will use it on one of his trips.

Snapz Crisps | Tomato Crunch
I took one bite of these and knew they were not for me. I loathe tomato slices and these were not working for me either even though they were dried and what not. I will say they did smell nice but I couldn’t get over the taste they left in my mouth.

Bali’s Best | Latte Candy
Again not much of a coffee person but these weren’t too bad. I found that they were not too sweet but were very strong on the coffee flavor.

Bonne Manman | All Natural Strawberry Preserves
I actually use this brand and have the big size in my fridge so this was a welcome addition this is such a good jam.

Slap Ya Mama | Original Cajun Seasoning Blend
I don’t do spicy stuff but the boyfriend said that this was a pretty good seasoning blend and the company name is pretty funny I think.

Overall for me this box was interesting because I definitely would not have picked out the cookie or crunch items out on my own. I’m interested to discover different food items so I think I will stick with them for a few more months and see how things go. I do think that the price is on point for this subscription as well so that is another reason I'm going to try them out for a few more months.

What do you think of the May Love With Food box?



  1. I have never heard of this box, but am very excited to see your future boxes!

  2. Had to laugh when I read your thoughts on the Snapz Crisps, as you were so polite! Both DH and I spit them out, as they were....not to our taste. ;)

    I actually really liked the cookie and could see eating that for breakfast. Of course, I've been known to eat a hot dog or slice of pizza for breakfast, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. *L*

  3. I LOVE fooooodd boxes!! This one looks good! I am currently loving graze!

  4. I agree it's an odd breakfast selection but if it's helping hungry kids you can't go wrong.


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