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POPSUGAR Must Have July 2013

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My POPSUGAR Must Have box arrived unexpectedly since my tracking information this month was not working properly. I was surprised when it showed up because I feared that it had been lost in the mail somewhere. I have to say that this is a okay month for me I don't really dislike any of the items but they are not my favorites.

BaubleBar Rose Double Curb Chain | MSRP $28.00
Yes this necklace reminds me of Mr. T too but it's actually a very nice necklace in terms of quality. It's thick, heavy, and the clasp is quite sturdy. I am kind of on the fence about it because it is such a stand out piece and it's not really my style but I think I will at least try it out a few times before giving up on it.

Supergoop! SPF 30 Anti-Aging City Sunscreen | MSRP $42.00
Yay for sunscreen I’ve been trying to pick one out to wear under my foundation for the last few weeks and POPSUGAR made the decision for me. I wore this yesterday under my MakeUp Forever HD foundation and it performed quite well, I will however give it some more time before I do a review on it. It’s also notable that this doesn’t smell like your typical sunscreen product which is great for me because you all know how much I hate that smell. The consistency is much thinner but I find that works in its favor so you don’t end up with that heavy feeling on your face even if you add your foundation to the top of it.

Mighty Leaf Iced Tea | MSRP $6.25
I have a confession to make, I don’t have an iced tea pitcher or anything big enough to make due except maybe my blender… I keep meaning to grab one while I’m at the store but it keeps slipping my mind by the time I reach the register. At some point I will probably get around to making some of this tea as it smells really good still in the package or maybe I will brew it in like a mixing bowl (DIY pitcher everybody, is that too crafty?) and use the next item to turn it into ice cubes…

Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray | $7.99
Ice Cube tray?! Okay so this isn’t the most exciting item for most people but I think it’s pretty cool. This thing is huge and I can’t wait to make some cubes of my very own with it.

NCLA As If! Polish | MSRP $16.00
I’m actually trying to cut back on how much polish I own but thanks POPSUGAR you enabler you. This is a really pretty pale lilac color but sadly I won’t be using this I think it will go up for trade or maybe I’ll sell it on EBay.

HannahMax Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip All Natural Crunchy Cookies | MSRP $2.50
Whew that is one long product name. I’m currently in my third week of P90x (and yes it’s kicking my ass thanks for asking) so these are so not Tony Horton approved. I did however eat like 3 of them Shh don’t tell. They were really good very crispy and chocolaty with no bitter after taste like some dark chocolate products tend to have. You could also taste subtle hint of vanilla and hey I can pronounce all the ingredients! I think once I’ve adapted to my new diet plan these could be eaten as a treat.

Overall this box's MSRP values total up to $102.74, so this is one of the lower values we have seen out of POPSUGAR. There were also no "Special Extras" this month and only 1 coupon to BaubleBar for 20% off. Like I said I don't love this box but I don't hate it either and I'm for sure going to get use out of the sunscreen and Ice Cube tray.

Next month will be their 1 year Anniversary box, check out this post if you want to know what will be inside.

What do you think of this months Must Have Box?
POPSUGAR Must Have is $35 a month, you can use code REFER5 to get $5 off your first order.



  1. Thanks for sharing Ashley! The gold chain, sunscreen, tea, and ice cube box are cool to me as well! (You've got the tea and the ice cube box, go and get you a pitcher to make cold summer teas girl! lol) I've always wondered about what kind of things you get from the PopSugar sub. I'm just hesitant to shell out the money for it lol. Think I'll stick to just my Ipsy sub for now because the hubby doesn't want me to get subscription crazy! Have a good night dear!

    1. I know I need to like write it on my hand or something so I'll remember to pick one up when I'm at the store lol I was too at first I subbed when they had a good coupon code going on I think I paid $25 a box for three months or something like that when I first subbed. After that I got six months free from referrals but now those are up so I'm paying full price. I don't mind paying full price it's honestly been one of my fave subs. If a good code comes along I will let you know about it :)

    2. Lol you're so fun to talk to! Thank you for being so kind to take your time to reply to your readers' comments! Oh wow I didn't know that they offer promo codes! If you really like it and find it worth to pay the full price, then I wouldn't mind taking a look into it as well! But yes please let us know if there are any good codes that pops up in the future =)

    3. Aw you're so sweet! I will for sure let you know if a code pops up :)


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