Monday, October 28, 2013

Orange Glad Sweet Box October 2013

Purchased By Me

This post is coming out quite late in the month because I haven't really had the motivation to write. I'm hoping to get a few posts up today to make up for. On a brighter note this is the Orange Glad Sweet Box for October 2013 and I actually enjoyed this box! However that didn't stop me from cancelling my subscription since the other two boxes I received were lackluster. I would consider resubscribing with this company if in future boxes the quality is similar to this one. I also liked this box best because each product was sealed well and fresh.

Seth Greenberg's Brownie Crunch | Mint Chocolate Chip
While I did like this it was extremely minty if your not a fan of mint flavor steer clear of this. The concept of the brownie crunch is that they all are nice and crunchy like the corners of the brownie pan. I would have liked them to be a little softer but they were still good.

Cheryl's Buttercream Frosting Pumpkin Cookie
This was my favorite item in the whole box, put anything that involves a sugar cookie and buttercream frosting in front of me and I will go nuts. Even though it was crumbly and broken it was still very good I'd even consider ordering more from the company directly.

Cabernet Brownie
A brownie made from wine flour is a unique concept I must say. This did have that sort of wine flavor to it but I didn't care for it. I think this would be better suited for someone who likes wine.

Guerrilla Beekeepers Honey
A nice size jar of honey, I can always use more honey.

Sugar Knife | Cookies and Cream Marshmallow
These were really good and I was a bit skeptical about them based on their appearance. They had great flavor though and they are made over in Oakland, CA so I would for sure consider buying another pack because they have a bunch of interesting flavors.

101 Tea
These were the special extras this month and I have not had a chance to use them yet but I'm a tea junkie so they were much welcomed.

Overall I do feel that I got my money's worth this month and I am happy with this box. As I said above however I have cancelled my subscription with Orange Glad but would consider resubscribing if future boxes are more like this. I didn't do the retail value's on this box because this post is late...

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