Friday, April 8, 2016

RCMA Foundation Swatches; Porcelain, Ivory, KA - 1, & KA - 2

Purchased By Me

I've recently been getting into foundations and trying to find the right shade has been tricky. I'm very pale and most products tend to make me look pink-ish or worse are too dark even in the lightest shade. In my search for the palest of pale foundations I came across RCMA which offers an extensive range of colors of all skin tones.
After looking thru their selection I found that I could order samples of foundations from Camera Ready Cosmetics for $3.99 each. If your like me and have been thru too many foundations to count you'll understand why this is appealing when searching for that perfect match. Now I haven't really had a chance to truly use them but I have played around a bit and so far I like them perhaps I'll come back with a full review at another time but for now here are the swatches.

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