Monday, September 11, 2017

T3 Micro Singlepass Luxe Review

Purchased By Me

TLDR | Overall Rating: 4/5

T3 Micro Singlepass Luxe Flat Iron Price: $180.00
Auto World Voltage Plate type: Tourmaline + Ceramic
Heat Settings: 5 Would I repurchase? On the fence
Auto Shutoff after 1 hour 2 year manufacturer warranty

My Thoughts

This review comes after about 4 months of owning the product. I am pretty happy with it and hope it gives me as many years as my old flat iron did. I had that one for 7 years so I have pretty high expectations.

I chose this iron mainly because of its range of heat settings and the type of plate it uses.
  • 410°F / 210°C 
  • 390°F / 199°C 
  • 350°F / 177°C 
  • 300°F / 149°C 
  • 260°F / 127°C 
I use the second (300°F) and third (350°F) heat settings the most and I have fine but naturally curly hair. I find that on the third setting it does give me "single pass styling", I mostly use this on first day hair. The second setting I use for touching up my hair.

The plates are ceramic and tourmaline and these are supposed to be gentler on the hair and seal the cuticle better for frizz free styling. I honestly haven’t noticed much of a difference, it does make the hair smooth but the results are very similar to my old iron.

The heat selection and turning it on and off can be a bit clunky. The LED's are small and in a well lit room can be a little hard to see. I wish it had a digital display instead of the LED indicators I think that would make it easier and quicker to use.

The price of this flat iron is high and that's what stops me from saying I would buy it again. I picked this up when Ulta was offering 15% cash back thru Ebates, otherwise I would have waited for a sale.

I find I have to clean the plates and sides quite often to keep buildup off them. The rose gold section also needs constant cleaning because it loves picking up fingerprints.

The clips that this came with are pretty good I don't usually use clips like that but I am liking them for sectioning my hair during styling.

The heat protection pad it comes with is pretty thin and sometimes leaves behind some of its fibers on the iron after laying on it while hot. For it's price point I think you should get a better quality heat protection pad.

The following photo was when I used it on my air dried hair, I always put a bit of a curl in my hair and this does make it super easy to do that with no snagging. My hair is not in the best shape so yes there is still some frizz but as you can see its a big improvement from the air dried version.


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